Fall shop clean out


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Doing a bit of fall shop cleaning. shipping is extra.
Will be updating as I get boxes moved around and condensed.

Tinted side sliding window 9/10 condition. $300

20221007_093713 (2).jpg
20221007_093719 (1).jpg


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Wrong Photo? I thought the E-Locker was an electrically operated seletable locker, not an ATB limited slip?
I believe each panel of the box has a different product shown. the Detroit Lockers come in a similar box but are a locker.


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Starting up my spring cleaning

Before getting too excited, below is a parts pig, metal shaped in the form of a '94/95? RRC, no title, bring your own wheels (as these are not part of the deal), you get what you see type of situation. its crusty. typical RRC rust. it ran before the motor was pulled. seats are in the garage and come with it if desired. It's still on the trailer and i'll pull it out to the street for pickup.

located: Portland, ME

cost: $free$, or donation (volunteer time or $) to the Winter Romp property (Millennium Green)

'95 RRC. no engine. no title