Everything Else For Sale Forum Rules

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1. Initial asking price must be listed. Follow-up messages adjusting the price are permitted.

2. Approximate location of the item must be listed. (City and state is sufficient)

3. Include a picture of the item, if possible.

4. Links to Ebay type auctions are not permitted. If you want to comment on somebody else's eBay auction, you can post it in a discussion in the General forum.

5. There is no charge for posting ads in the classified sections.

6. Once your item is sold, you must post a follow-up message in your ad stating that the item has been sold, and is no longer available.

7. Do not post vehicles for sale in this section. There is a separate section for vehicles.

8. You are welcome to comment on posts if you are interested in the item or have concerns about the legitimacy of the item or legality of the transaction. However, if your intent is to bitch about the price or gripe about the perceived value, do not post.

9. All transactions are between the seller and the buyer. The NAS-ROW owners and staff bear no responsibility to intervene on either party's behalf or act as an ombudsman. Caveat emptor.
Not open for further replies.