Drive flanges on D1 axle swap


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I figured I'd start a new post for the rest of my D1 axle swap into my 110 for my question on drive flanges. I'm swapping out a drum Sals with a 94 D1 rear disc axle. I bought new rotors pads and TF HD flanges to match what i had on old axles and my front flanges. When I unbolted D1 stock flange, was surprised to see the axle attached? How do you you use HD flanges when the axle shaft is attached to the old one? Thanks for any insight here.


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Can't use the hd axles or flanges . Different thickness and pattern and length


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You're going to want a stronger rear diff and HD axles to make that D1 rear as strong/stronger than your Salisbury. LOF makes a set of one piece rear axles that would fit. I like not having a separate flange to wear and introduce even more backlash.