Discovery 2 or later 300TDI conversion


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I have done a Discovery 1 300TDI conversion and I understand the benefits of the D1 over D2. I was fortunate to find a rust free low mileage D1 with a bad V8 to do the first conversion on.

I have slowly been acquiring parts to do another 300TDI with 5 speed conversion as they come available at less that “retail” prices. I have been waiting for another rust free and overall nice condition D1 with a bad V8 to surface but haven’t had much luck to date. I have seen a number of D2s and later models.

I also still have the jig that locates the weld on engine mounts and using the original purchased weld on mounts have fabricated another set.

Does the D2 or any later models have essentially the same basic mounting points and shifter location as the D1? And, anyone here done a D2 or later 300TDI conversion with 5 speed?

Thanks in advance.