Diesel Treatment?


My diesel mechanic told me today i should be putting approx 8oz every other time i fill up. Do any of you do this? Is it necessary?
He recommended RISLONE Hy-per Diesel. Let me know if you have used this brand and what you think of it. Thanks


I use this stuff, Hot Shot's Secret HSSEDT16ZS Diesel Fuel Additive, no idea if it is good,better or best. I like the small bottle, treats 400 gal and easy squeeze-to-measure the 1 oz needed per tank.


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I have not figured out my go-to brand yet, but have used something at every fill, and I’m pretty sure the pump or engine is quieter when I remember to put stuff in versus when I forget.


I’ve used OptiLube XPD in my 19J. Different amounts for winter vs summer as recommended on the label. UD is installing a Cummins right now, so I will have to look into what if anything to use going forward.


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Does old salad oil from the kitchen count? ;) The 4BD1 doesn't seem to care much.

Power Service in the summertime, garage in the winter.

I went to Moab mid-October last year and had lousy weather on the way out.

Only made it to Silverthorn where it was going to be 10F overnight.

Started feeding it the Howes stuff in Kansas and didn't have any gelling issues ... no idea if it's any good long term, but it did what I wanted that night.


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Optilube XPD year round (half as much in summer). Used it in 200tdi, use it in 3.0l diesel grand Cherokee and will use it in UD Cummins 2.8 swap.


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I've personally never used any of these with the exception of diesel 911 during the super cold winter in upstate NY.

Maybe I should start


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If you can but B20 in it every once in a while. It cleans and quiets the Tdi. I only put Diesel treatment in mine in winter. I ran it on B20 all the time for a couple years until the station closed up. It really ranbetter with bio fuel.