Defender shipping (within US)


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Can anyone recommend a good auto shipping service? My truck sold, need to have it shipped to buyer from New York to Wyoming.

I was looking at Montway, decent reviews, price is somewhat fair...
I used Montway, Florida to NJ, did a very nice job.


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Restarting a year old thread as a friend needs to ship a Rav4 to Colorado from Boston. Any people mentioned here who are not recommended any more and any more to add?


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Can you let me/us know what the cost and distance was? I’ve wanted to ship to some events and love to get an idea.


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Athena reaches out to various drivers and pricing comes down to what they'd do the job for. I paid $600 all in to have my 110 picked up in Manhattan and delivered to Doug 450 miles away. The fact that it was in Manhattan almost certainly increased the price and reduced the number of drivers who were interested, according to Athena. The $600 included her fee.


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Her fee is $100. I shipped all of our Land Rovers from Ca to Va last month and it was $1300 per vehicle plus her fee. I think it took 4 days for them to get to Virginia. I think they charge more if you have a roof rack, and definitely do if it is over a certain height (92” I think). When our disco was lifted more i paid $1500 from Austin, Tx to Los Angeles.


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Always helps to call around if you have time and it’s on ur dime. I’ve had great experiences with Pete, I’ve referred him to friends and members here and receive recent feedback this week of another good experience.

Pete (954) 274-5214



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I just had a non running 88” shipped from California to Tennessee. I used uship to get quotes and ending up using The Schaefer Express. It is a owner operator shipper. Cody Schaeffer is the owner and he is a former Marine aviation mechanic who operates out of South Carolina. He’s got several different types of trailers, but used a 40’ gooseneck when he picked up my truck because he was doing several deliveries. He was good at communicating and was very helpful with the vehicle being non running. He also had no issues with the amount of parts inside my vehicle which went above the window line. I’d use him again for shipping a vehicle. He said he enjoys transporting unique vehicles because Honda Accords just get boring and make it feel like just a job. I can pass on his contact info or find him through uship.