D1 stock bumpers and bumper corners/caps


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My 98 D1 300tdi R380 conversion project is finally approaching full completion stage. When I first picked it up I was going to be satisfied cosmetically with respraying the body and replacing the LSE chrome bumpers with stock black ones while also ditching the painted bumper corners/caps for unpainted black ones. So, I bought a set of the black corners/caps from Paul Grant but thankfully didn’t move forward with finding stock black bumpers. I say thankfully as I decided to go with HD front and rear bumpers. If you are curious, this is where I picked up the bumpers: https://m.facebook.com/DarkCrowDesigns/

He took a little longer than promised to build them, but they are very high quality.

As such, I have the front and rear chrome bumpers, 4 painted gold corners/caps and 4 of the non painted black ones that must go away.

I have assumed nobody wants the chrome bumpers and also suspect the corners/caps are not desirable. It’s time for paint and shortly after time to install the new winch bumper up front and the HD one in the rear.

Before I toss the metal stuff in the recycle pile and the corners in the trash, anybody want them?

Oh, for prices... free if picked up. If shipped $10 each corner piece plus shipping. For the bumpers, $20 each plus shipping. For the corners packaging means placed in a box, for the bumpers it is a fedex label attached to the chrome.

I can post some photos this weekend if that is what it takes to get them gone.

I’m in St. Louis
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