Bullkhead Removal Bar



I have a DEfender and was removed the plate that is behind the driver's seat. To compensate I have to put the tubular bar.

The model used in my country is the model in the pictures. But I don't know what the code is. I do not want to indicate an answer but I think the correct model is STC4589.

What I want to know is if someone can tell me what is the correct code of the tubular bar from the pictures. I will put some diagrams that might help.

Here are the diagrams I found:

It could also be




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Maybe this video on my channel helps?
I also did one on the power window installations.
In the next few weeks I will do one with the wiring hopefully if I get my car back from the painter..
I have a 1988 that I am converting to Puma doors front and back, power windows and power door locks As genuine as possible.
Still looking for a 10AS unit set up for 300tdi with the CDL option.