Building the perfect 90

You're an awesome dad, thats such great experience to give him

Thanks, it's definitely a fun way to make memories with them and share the adventure. I remember working on trucks and making knives, fishing tackle, etc with my grandfather, and while none of it was very technical, it definitely left an impression. Looking back at the first photos in the thread, it's striking how much they've grown. It's a strong motivator to get the project done so they can start enjoying it in new ways while they're young.
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Next up was fitting the restored upper steering, brake, throttle, and clutch assemblies.

First, here's a look back a few years to when I first disassembled and began restoring them.


All were first disassembled


Then blasted, primed, and refinished.


Here the throttle is being reassembled with new grease and an upgrade, a brass shim to eliminate slop in the joint.


Clutch pedal assembly being rebuilt with new and restored parts. The pivot pin was coated with a low friction coating for corrosion protection and smooth pedal action.


Fitted a TRW master which features a revised design that reduces shaft-bore wear.


Assembled to bulkhead


For the upper steering bracket mounting points I drilled the bulkhead and fitted ribbed rivnuts with thread retainer to prevent corrosion and ensure they don't ever spin.


Made a spacer for the steering column bracket to clear the wiring grommet plate.


Upper steering assembly fitted

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