Building the perfect 90


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It really is a personal choice - Most every owner I have met thinks their color is the "right" one - when really the only right colors are Beluga black and white! :ROFLMAO:

I am a ways away from my frame swap on the 127 but still thinking about the final color - its almost standard issue for them to be white - but some of the matte finish colors have me wondering especially with the galvanized capping and shiny black accents (wheel arches, front bezels, maybe door tops etc) with a different color roof to cap it off.

It would be great if someone had a color app like they do with new cars - pick the color combination and its shows on a rendering of the vehicle...


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I worked with a local paint shop, the only one in town, who dug out a dusty old Land Rover PPG swatch book. We found the color and began the process of mixing the first of many samples.

This dragged on for several weeks before I set off to Canada for a month to sample its Keswick glacial melt.

IMG_0157 (1).jpg

After returning I was eager to make progress. I needed panels to test my paint system, so I began by cutting my own floor plates from 1/8" 6061-T6 using a pair of standard samples I had on hand. These would be much stiffer than the standard panels, and being flat, would be easy to strip down if I wasn't happy with a coating.


Sanded, cleaned, and ready for primer.




One of the challenges of being a DIY painter is having to orchestrate the coating process to a small daily window where temperatures and humidity are just right. If this had been anything but heating-loving epoxy, the day's window would have been long past.


Primer applied


I decided to undercoat the floors, seat boxes, and underneath the rear tub. While not factory correct, it nonetheless delivers an OEM appearance, and works well on Discovery and other vehicles to reduce NVH and corrosion. It may be expensive but 3M Dyna-Pro is the highest quality option I'm aware of.


Using a 2.5 spray gun with 4 coats resulted in a nice finish.



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Very happy to see progress reports / updates/ Looking forward to more as your attention to detail has been second to none with respect to your build quality and thoughtful upgrades.