Anyone else Intrigued by the Rivian R1S?


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I'm not overly excited about any EV, but it seems more and more as though ICE options are going to be severely limited in the not so distant future. I have to say, this is the first EV I've though more than once about, and actually followed to some degree. Anyone else?



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Looks great from that angle, but the front end is even uglier than the Nufender. It might even be on par with Lexus. What is wrong with automotive designers? Four-wheel drive, spacious storage, factory off-road tire/wheel options, and all the comfort and tech features we soft first-world citizens expect these days.

My interest was piqued from seeing Bill Burke's testing-phase involvement and then a few videos that demonstrated its off-road capability (which is decent). It has good range for an electric, but for any distance off-road, I'd rather have a hybrid system that can be refueled anywhere. Ineos is sending the Grenadier down the hybrid development path, but I can't remember if they're only developing hydrogen fueled hybrids. Does one carry a hydrogen Jerrycan bomb off the spare tire carrier then?


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I would never buy a battery car, especially for any off road or off the grid use.

It’s not just a bad idea, it’s dangerous.

Unpredictable range, range that gets worse in cold weather, and no way of refueling, no Jerry can.


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yes, totally but my wife wants a Mustang Mach-E or whatever.. I do own rivn stock so that counts right ?
They brought the pick up by my work for an introduction/demo drive session. As someone who favors older Land Rovers there was alot that was very foreign to me. But aside from how it drove (800hp and instant torque will definitely wake you up) the one thing that bugs me the most about most of these are the absence of switches. Everything is done through a huge touch screen. Adjusting the heater fan output (location and force) is done through menus and submenus. In my daily, I can reach down and adjust things with barely taking my eyes from the road. Not with this vehicle. They're now going to speak to adjust, but I have enough problems getting Google and Alexa assistants to listen to me (not to mention my wife and kid). Now I gotta battle with my car too?


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saw this one at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago