Announcing the new Cummins ISF2.8 section

chris snell

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Hi Everybody,

Now that vendors are getting their Cummins demo kits, we've decided to go ahead and launch the new Cummins-specific forum here on NAS-ROW. This is your place for all ISF2.8 conversion discussion.

NAS-ROW is the first and only Land Rover board with a Cummins section and, as far as we know, the first and only with a LS section, too. Unlike other forums seemingly abandoned by their owners and mods, we're trying hard to keep this site current and relevant to the technical interests of Defender owners in 2017.

Thanks for sticking around.

Chris and Dave


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Hmm, A forum rather than 1,000 posts to wade through in one thread -- splendid idea!

Nice SNIPE in the original post too!!!