Alternate Fuels for 200TDi?


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As I learn about owning a diesel - Some say you can run old diesels on everything from peanut oil to old motor or gear box oil - does this apply to a 200TDi? Or are the injectors a problem?

I didn't see anything pop up in a search - so anyone doing this?



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If it's warm out there shouldn't be a problem as long as it is well filtered. If I was doing it I would cut the oil 25/75 for the first tank to see how things run. Then 50/50 and so on but I do believe people run peanut oil on a regular basis all around the world.
I've used soy/peanut/mixed veggie oil from time to time up to 50% on all of my 300tdis that I've had, it honestly runs better but Dave's right, it needs to be warm out. I've also used mixes of B20 to B100, same results, IMO it runs better. With used oil (motor/gear) I'd make sure its filtered well before it goes in your tank, you don't want metal bits in your fuel system. I keep an eye on FB marketplace and other sites for people giving away free/expired motor/2-cycle/veggie oil and have gotten free fuel several times. - have a spare fuel filter on hand...
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