94 NAS on Markerplace


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No affliation, but this looks like a fair price for an NAS that doesn't appear to be a basket case.



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This is the second AA yellow NAS avl for sale under 50k I know of. The other is here in town.
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Looks legit - seller is communicating with people in the comments on the listing.

As uc4me mentions above, I too have a '94 AA Yellow for sale in MA that is listed in a thread on the other site. The one on Facebook is a better deal, frankly, but I suspect it will go for more than it is currently listed.


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Not sure what is going on with the Kanji in the link above, but it does not show when I go to the link itself. The seller's FB profile goes back to 2008 (and is topic appropriate). I wouldn't buy this sight-unseen from a private seller, but so long as you can physically inspect the truck and DMV confirms the title as free and clear with matching frame and window numbers (and it has the correct engine!), this is not obviously a scam to me. But of course, caveat emptor.