'92 200TDi Axle Interchangeability


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All - looking for some advice. Looking to build ground up (call me crazy) D90 - I've got complete powertrain and assorted other parts. Gonna get galvanized chassis. I'm stuck on axles - not too keen on buying a Defender parts donor car but may come to that. considering a Discovery 1 Donor - cheaper. I'm struggling with what axles work / don't work. Axle housings to be sure. Can get new housings in UK but price is prohibitive especially with shipping.

I own a few Defenders now - so know what I'm getting into but stymied on the axles. I would think Discovery would work - D1 maybe? I appreciate any assistance - guidance - advice and/or sanity checks!


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Yes all the D1 running gear will fit. I you are handy at repairs things like the bulkhead that somebody is tossing out due to the tin worm, doors so so.

Good luck in your quest.


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I ported all my D1's running gear over to a 90. Perfect fit. 24 splines as well. I do recommend that you change out the rubber Guibo on the rear axle to a regular set up.