'91 Defender 110, RHD 3-door w/ warranty


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We are selling our '91 Land Rover Defender. We purchased this vehicle 8 months ago but went over budget in the restoration. We had this vehicle restored with plans to keep it (no shortcuts taken) and build it into an overlanding camper. The work is done and it's ready for you to play! Work has been completed by a reputable Land Rover Defender specialist, and the shop is willing to transfer the warranty on their work/parts (one year) to our buyer. We can put you in touch with the shop to have any questions/concerns answered if requested. We also have receipts for the vehicle going back 10 years. Vehicle is currently in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Thanks for having a look. -Anthony 970-485-5544 call or text

? 200 TDi Turbo Diesel Engine
? Three door Defender 110
? Spacious rear cargo area, lined and carpeted (ready to be built to your
specs or leave as is)
? After-market reinforced rear spare tire carrier
? Timing belt replaced in 2011
? DF Winch Bumper with steering component skid plate
? 13,500lbs Winchmax Winch (installed but not connected due to recent work)
? RSB Rock Sliders/Rocker Guards
? Halogen headlights
? New starter 2014
? 2" Terra Firma suspension lift
? Terra Firma rear corner bumpers
? Terra Firma return to center steering stabilizer
? Paint August 2016 (Diamond White)
? Restored drive train; front axle was disassembled and rebuilt, transfer case was removed and 100% rebuilt, Transmission was removed and 100% rebuilt, Flywheel removed and resurfaced, New heavy duty clutch.
? Rear axle, new brake shoes, new stub axles, one new hub and wheel bearing, one wheel cylinder, inner and outer hub seals, two brake drums
? New power steering pump
? New master cylinder
? Pioneer seven speaker stereo system (not hooked up due to recent work)
? Comfortable Toyota Celica leather racing seats
? Full roof rack
? 5 new BF Goodrich T/A KO2 (LT235/85R16)
? 192,XXX original miles
? Leaks a little oil, to be expected on this age vehicle
? Comes with three new tumbler door locks with new keys, not yet installed
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chris snell

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I met Anthony and his wife in Steamboat this week. They saw me getting into my 110 on the street and stopped by to talk. Super nice folks! I don't know much about their truck--I was beating feet for Kansas and didn't have time to check it out--but they seem like good people.

Thanks for joining the site, Anthony, and I'm sorry that you're not able to keep the truck and stick around.


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Looks like a nice truck with lots of good upgrades.
Q - Why not do the timing belt as it was last replaced as you noted in 2011? I know it's a 60K miles change interval but peace of mind is worth it with all of the other upgrades and fixes you have done.
Welcome to the site and GLWS!

I LOVE the Just Go Around sign in the back!


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Is warranty for the engine, components and driveline or stuff like lock tumblers? Is your transferable warranty in writing? If so, can you share it with the ad?


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Warranty Details

The warranty covers the recently completed driveline work. Interested buyers will be provided with paperwork/contact with the repair shop to make sure they are satisfied with the details of the warranty.