84 Arles D90 Galvi Frame 300 tdi $36K Stafford VA


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Stafford VA
Purchased this 90 to get back into a defender.. been driving it every day, need more seats for the fam. Willing to trade for a solid 110.

short clip: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DE6d4nKdxwBpo3BB7

Closer specification would be a 95 300TDI
Everything replaced in the last several years:
-Was purchased and imported in 2010
-Truck re-built in 2012 with a 300TDI engine and new galvanized Richard chassis with fresh paint.
-All new Wiring (ALL) harnesses from Autosparks UK

Very reliable and well driving defender, daily driver. Has all the right stuff upgraded and make this a dependable Land Rover. Truck has always had all maintenance addressed and tracks very well and low and highway speeds, with the replacement clutch, throw-out bearing, Turner performance head and new exhaust, wiring, etc, it shouldn’t require anything but routine maintenance for a while.

Service history:
300tdi Galvanized Richard Chassis 2012
300TDI Engine/R380 2012
Full Respray Arles Blue 2012
Interior paint matched raptor liner 2012
NAS Rear Step Bumper, 2” Receiver 2014
Complete rewire [autosparks.uk loom 2014
Masai Side Steps 2015
Masai Rear Tire Carrier 2015
Wipac LED indicator lights 2015
Masai tinted front/rear/side windows 2016
TD5 Dash Upgrade 2017
New glow plugs/harness 2017
TD5 Premium Steering Wheel 2017
TD5 Heater box 2017
New oil pan 2018
Timing Belt/tensioner 2018
Silicon Hose kit 2018
Turner Engineering High Performance Cylinder head incl head gasket 2018
Slickshift Short shift Kit (greatly reduces throw when changing gear) 2018
New Clutch, New Slave cylinder, New Throw-out bearing assembly (heavy duty) 2018
TDCI Clutch Pedal assembly 2018
OME +2 Shocks 2019
OME Steering Dampener 2019
Extended Braided brake lines 2019
Terrafirma HD Track/Panhard Rod 2019
+2 Rear Trailing arms 2019
Bushings replaced with Polybush Pro series 2019
5x BFG KO2 Tires 2019
5x Boost Rims 2019
1in Alloy hub centric wheel spacers 2019
Replaced Wheel bearings 2019
Nakatanenga Stainless Front Recovery Shackles 2019
Nakatanenga Cargo Bear Roof Rack 2019
New Stainless Double S exhaust 2019
Safety Devices Rear Step Ladder 2019
Rigid Heated LED headlamps 2019
Rigid Chase light 2019
Gearmate Drawer system 2020
Fleetguard Filter system 2020
Converted fuel lines to AN style, re-plumbed 2020
Nakatanenga Cubby Heater platform/new cubby 2021
Webasto Airtop 2000STC Diesel Heater w/smart controller 2021
New Fuel Tank 2021
New Front/Rear Prop shafts, wide angle 2022
New Ignition w/3 lock cylinders 2022
Rigid Interior Lights (red/white) 2021
Pelican Cargo Case BX140R (mounts on rack) 2021
New Side Mirrors 2022
SDO HD flasher relay and switch (Aluminum center and flasher face plates)
BT Stereo and Pioneer speakers (MUD UK speaker panels) 2023
Aluminum coolant reservoir 2023
Masai Headliner 2023
VDO OIL pressure, EGT, and boost gauges 2023
Heavy Duty Glow Plug relay 2023

Not installed but available:
TD5 Underdash AC Unit w/ 300TDI AC compressor/coolant lines
Galvanized crossmember for R380
Various replacement gaskets and seals that have accumulated

Needs to be addressed:
Front oil leak from cover drain hole, assume crank seal or similar (drips but no appreciable loss of oil). marks its territory
Change remaining 2 door lock cylinders to match new ignition key
Paint is 10 years old and has been driven on and off road (not abused/mudding) has dings, scratches, and flaws.


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