5 best upgrades you have done to your defender


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The most recent I drove was an original factory built LT77 with 30k miles on it. The Slickshift made 1st and 3rd impossibly close. Top 5 modification, removing Slickshift!!
I like a tight shift pattern and mine shifts like buttah 1 thru 5...to each his own I suppose. I'll keep mine thanks


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They are a commonish part used is other vehicles. You need the intermittent switch and harness installed first.

CDN38 may have a TD5 though, which is ECU delay controlled, so not the same.
VW Type 99 relay will allow for time programmable delay.

Activate your pulse wiper for 1 wipe, then turn off. Wait, activate again and the relay will remember the delay time between wipes.


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In no particular order...

1- Global Roamerdrive
2- Heated windscreen
3- Heated seats
4- Slickshift its just more civilized for a daily driver
5- Proper sound deadening and insulation throughout

and... 👇

6- The Landrezieger digital, infinitely variable blower fan speed control switch

chris snell

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XZL 8.25 tires
Engel 45 fridge
Lockers: Detroit in the rear, TT in the front
Radio: Yaesu 70W 2-meter radio and Diamond NR770HB antenna
Drop-down tailgate


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LS motor and NV4500 - totally changed the truck
Power steering
Real defender seats - got rid of the exmod "cushions"
Tuffy box
VDO gauge set


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Can you share more on this? Intermittent wipe is something I really long for in my 90.
About 40 years ago, you could buy a universal wiper delay from JC Whitney that worked great.
I still have a few and have been meaning to install them on the 2 - 110s we have up and running.
It is a separate little rheostat type of thing that lets you interrupt the low speed wiper circuit with a delay interval that pulses the wiper park.
With the rheostat turned all the way off, the low speed works as original, but turned on the rheostat controls the delay when the wipers sweep.
The more the rheostat is turned, the longer the delay.
I can check and see if we have an extra and send it to you Adam.
Here's what they look like.

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Recaro cross sportster seats/heated
Vision gauges
off-road monkey hinges
electric windows (very dog friendly)
VNT turbo


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Swapped out the 19J for 200TDI
VDO Gauges
X-Brake parking brake
ARB bumper and Warn M8274 winch.


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I'm behind the game on the more important upgrades ie. HD suspension, lockers, VDO metrics, etc. but I'll get there.
  • Galvy frame swap on the NAS90.
  • Lav's (SDO) Carling hazzard switch & faceplate - Tithonus.
  • SDO Dorman clutch MC conversion.
  • Side camera for RHD blind spot.
  • Vermont Overland window stickers.
Excited about the 200tdi repower in the 110.
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200tdi engine
Psyoptic Development sliders
Custom fabricated seat box
Scheel Mann seats
Winch bumper/winch

I feel like this list could be 10 long. Seems like everything I touch needs repair/upgrading, and my list of "Still need to do" keeps growing 🙂.

Uncle Douglas

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1) avatar says it all
2) zinc, Zinc, and zinc
3) blade fuse conversion
4) vented front brake conversion
5) better seats and steering wheel
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Thus far, I’d say these...
A/C/Hurricane Heat
VDO gauges/Madman EMS2
Rear disc brakes
Power windows/heated seats/heated mirrors/rear camera (did these all during initial resto)
Masai rear tire carrier or Tuffy center console.

This will most likely change after I get a stumpy R380 and do the Dorman clutch MC kit w/slave...or do an engine swap in a few years. Right now I’m more than happy with my 110.


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Upgrade, not modification. Unfortunate you had bad experiences, actually the first time I've heard a negative description. My LT77 is not worn out and it was/is properly set up...the shift throws are much shorter and much smoother...extremely pleased with the results here.
Same experience on the R380. It’s a small change but I really count it high on my list of drivability upgrades that have made my truck a more civilized daily driver.


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Top five....
I’m going to limit this to the things that make a difference every drive
1: Dynamat-next time I pull the dash I’ll add more.
2: BFG KM3-streets ahead of the old KM both on and off road.
3: blue sea 12v and USB outlets mounted in SDO switch plate
4: The Ram mounts for iphone/ipad
5: Iron Goat door cards. The big pockets are much more useful than the standard offering.