300TDI Defender AC compressor, mount and more


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I apologize this is my first post here. Have been a Defendersource and Discoweb member for years. Defendersource is getting a little ad heavy.

Well, to my post...

I purchased these from forum member NPT90 last year. (He sold several to forum members at that time). I have since decided to use a Nippondenso compressor. As such, these parts are surplus to me.

All are new (appear to be older NTO) except the tensioner pulley assembly which is a good used part.

$465 plus shipping

Here is what I found when pricing these parts separately where I could find them:

Mount assembly - ERR4638 - LR Direct - $200 plus shipping
Cover / shroud. ERR4639 Rimmer Bros - $54 - plus shipping
OEM Sanden SD7H15 BTR8505 - Rimmer Bros - (aftermarket - Britpart $276) (Land Rover OEM - over $1000) Plus shipping
Idler Pulley good used HRC2615 - EBay UK - $65 - bracket only - no pulley assembly - shipping included
Water / coolant transfer housing with sensors - HRC2500 - NLA (Couldn’t find new - $60 used eBay UK) shipping included

Also, I would be willing to sell the compressor separate from the other parts.

$225 for the compressor by itself.

$275 for the rest of the parts sold together.

Plus shipping.



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Also willing to trade for a used 300tdi shortblock. I will be traveling from St. Louis through Nashville, then Memphis, and back to St. Louis beginning tonight. If you are close to that route, I could stop by.