2019 Vermont Overland Rally Sept 26-29


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Sweet. My goal for this year is to not spend a day puking my guts up.
I'll make sure there's plenty Bourbon again. You did a good job rallying, and driving. I'll be looking for a winch and some necessary armor as well.


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Sweet. My goal for this year is to not spend a day puking my guts up.

If budget allows, I hope to have a winch this year. I made it through last year without one, but would have been nice.

A winch and solid front bumper with recovery points is a great thing to have. Expensive but one of those should have items when 4 wheeling.


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Basic recover kit:
3 soft shackles, youy can wrap them around bumpers, frame rails, axles
2 3/4" D ring bow shackels
1 6" trees strap
2 30' tow straps
2 old copies of your favorite LR magazine for tying recovery straps together

And using Jate rings for recovery is dangerous as they are not designed for recovery, they are designed to anchor the truck down to a trailer or such, not a dynamic pull


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There are two types of jate rings out there. One is the military forged ring. That's been used and proven for decades as a recovery ring.
The other is welded type that looks a bit like a leaf spring shackle bracket which shouldn't be used for recovery.

PS my truck has gone in for a little prepping. Seven 90's at the BDR in various stages of repair and updates...


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The only problem with jate rings is location, location, location. When your stuck in 2-3 feet of mud and icy water where is that jate ring? Ya under the mud.

Put your recovery points up high on the bumper, unless you already have a strap fitted to that "jate ring" as heepers do knowing your going to get stuck.

Watched a very dangerous snatch recovery, guy didn't a spare shackle so the rope was fixed to the winch hook. Dam near pulled it off once the wire stopped paying out.


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You definitely have to be prepared with jate rings and pre attach the recovery strap or Kerr before attempting the obstacle. Maybe, I like them because I'm old school and used them for many years.
That said, I haven't attached them yet to my D90...It will happen.
During my hiatus from LR a few years ago soft shackles came in. Sceptical at first, I like them. So this dinosaur is evolving.....