200TDi engine & 1.4 ratio LT230 transfer case


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Converting my truck to gas.


200TDi Engine - Discovery version & 1.4 ratio LT230 xfer case – Currently in a 1989 LHD 110 Land Rover but wastegate interferes with steering shaft.

Engine fires right up and pulls fine - Have a video of it starting, just give me an email address & I'll forward it
Normal light smoking on initial start-up, nothing unusual
Engine currently mounted in a pre-Defender-era 90/110 originally built with the 19J TD engine. Is bolted to an LT77. I think the frame/engine mounts were the same for the NA, TD, and 200TDi diesels, and even the 4cyl gas engine. But that is out of my wheelhouse so please verify fitments.
Actual mileage unknown. My truck has 174,000 Kilometers but this engine was swapped in.
Doing my own swap to a gas engine so selling this complete set-up.

Sale Includes:
200TDi engine complete
LT230, 1.4 Ratio transfer case. (Possibly without ebrake drum/back plate parts. My truck has linkage vs cable and I’m told it’s different fitting.)
PS pump
Fan & shroud
Turbo/intake Air hoses/pipes (not really worth keeping except for matching up or spares)
Has the AC compressor mount, idler on the timing cover, and the old compressor that was on the original 19J engine. (rough)
My conversion was done prior to import best I can tell

If you’re looking at this for a Defender based vehicle you’ll need to consider the following:
May need the lower 4 rear engine cover bolt holes drilled/tapped (Steve Parker offers a small kit), won’t know if it was already done until I pull it. Safer to assume it has not been done, but is very straightforward to do. And the steering shaft to wastegate interference.

I was going to install a 300TDi exhaust manifold/turbo to fix the clearance issues.
I think, and was going to do myself prior to my change in direction, that a Rovers North 300TDI Performance Turbo Kit would be perfect. Comes with everything; exhaust manifold, turbo, exhaust downpipe, clamp, oil feed & drain lines, wastegate, etc.. Should be a straightforward install and addresses the main turbo fitment issues with the Discovery engine in a Defender…plus performance turbo adds more power) Steve Parker sells a kit to fit it in as is. Around $500 if I recall...

Discovery install- No steering shaft interference, just need a new wastegate actuator. (and the usual, correct bellhousing, oil lines, etc..)

Injection pump looks unmolested, the plug is still in place above the diaphragm
No idea on the timing belt age/condition but the cover bolts look pretty untouched.
Hoses and belts need replaced. I have a few new ones that will convey. I just want to keep the PS hoses so I can match fittings for the custom hoses I’ll need for my new motor.

$2500 - or offer

Pick up only, or pay for crating and loading/shipping - Located in Central Virginia


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Will now also be including LT77 transmission. Xfer case will be complete sans the Speedo gear. Have a transducer or 2 (for newer electronic speedo) I can include if buyer wants. 200TDi, LT77 5 speed, LT230 1.4 xfer case (w steel input gear cover).