1998 RHD Defender 90 114k miles $45,000


Hey everyone,

I’m selling one of my Defender 90’s I imported in March this year. I bought this one in the UK in 2022, used it there once (Brit transplant here who spends some time back there) and at the time I was living on the east coast. I’m since full time in Cali and had this and another few shipped in west coast. Was planning to go Montana plate after the long winded and conversion process for Cali but with this one I’ve decided to let it go as I am converting another to comply. All import duties paid (including getting stung on 25% chicken tax, there's another post on here where you can read my venting…!). It has all import paperwork and bunch of UK paperwork (had its MOT prior to coming over).

As it needs titling and registering and can’t stay in Cali unless you convert it, I’ve put what I think is a fair starting price for the car based on others about but am open to offers. Most other states it’s good to go.

1998, RHD. 2.5 TD5 engine. 114k miles. New battery, oil change, filters. Drives nice, shifts nicely and stops well.

Set up for off grid, could do with some more toys to fully set it up. BF Goodrich AT tires. Lift kit. Tentbox roof tent fully functional Inc. ladder, spotlights on top and oights on the side mirrors, Goodwinch winch kit, large rear storage cabin, snorkel, soare tire etc.

Compared to many defenders I’ve had this has good condition interior, nice seats, leather center console, carpeted door cards and roof.

Has a Clarion sound system which works, Clarion center screen with reverse camera function, and has a CB radio transceiver.

Clean engine, MK performance silicone hoses, sounds good. Side exit exhaust non standard but I kinda like it.


Lots more photos and videos for anyone who’s interested.

No am not a dealer and cannot finance. Cash or transfer only. Always welcome to come have a look in San Pedro, CA.


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Bump. Still up, unfortunately a couple of tire kickers who turn up and ask if I can finance them on monthly payments….

$43,500 reduced