1997 Land Rover NAS Defender 90 Soft Top #1444 – White with ~ 57842 Miles.  (For Sale)


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1997 Land Rover NAS Defender 90 Soft Top #1444 – White with ~57842 Miles. 

Clearly, I am a Land Rover enthusiast. I currently have 4 Land Rovers. I have been moving all of the off-road gear over to my 100” Hybrid. My 90 has spent most of its life sitting in my Garage. Rovers like to be driven.

This is a very clean, low-mile 90 Soft Top.

I am the 2nd owner, purchased in 2003 with 46K on the odometer. I have both sets of full keys (doors, ignition, cubby and gas) I have a Clean Title in hand. About two weeks ago, the Speedometer screen was intermittent (known issue, which I will fix prior to sale) now it is not working.

Body: Truck has been garaged indoors and is 100% free of rust. Chassis, bulkheads, hinges, floors, door sills, etc., all are in great shape.
  • The original paint is in fantastic shape
  • A few minor dings here or there
  • **I stupidly cut off a small section of the tub, years and years ago. I have the pieces.**
  • I have a new set of silver 5 bar for the rear tub to fix this mistake
  • Or, I also have a set of new Safari Gard corner guards I can install
  • The cage is perfect, smooth and soft, no rips, tears or dried out areas.
  • The original owner added a light to the driver’s side central, with zip ties.
  • I have the 4 original cage pads to minimize the wind noise
  • All the snaps are intact
  • Will Install
  • I have a full set of NAS Matte Flares
  • I will install the NAS rear step
  • Factory front bumper with plastic caps
  • I have the factory sills
  • **I do not have the side steps**
  • You have a choice of wheels
  • I have a set of 5 Boost wheels I can install, with the tires you would prefer
  • or I have a couple sets of steel wheels you can pick from

Tops: I have the original soft top and a surrey top.
  • The soft top hasn’t been on the truck since 2004. I would take a good bit of time and heat to stretch it out again.
  • I have the soft top windows in the window bag
  • I have the glass windows in an AB Red window bag, with a set of AB quick release nuts
  • The surrey top has one small cut from the garage door

The interior is in great shape. Seats are clean and un-torn. Dash is straight, not bleached or cracked.
  • The original owner cut holes in the console for the gauges and air pump for a set of Rancho air shocks
  • Original Door cards are in great shape
  • The console is complete, but should be painted
  • The radio is currently out of the truck, I have the original one and an aftermarket one as options.
  • The rear rubber mat is about 97% perfect
  • The insulated Soft Top mats are denigrating, but available
  • The front seats are in great shape, the plastic cover to recline the seat pops off occasionally
  • The seat bases are perfect
  • The rear seat and seat belts are intact and working perfectly.
  • Factory Subwoofer is installed

Drivetrain 4.0L V8 with automatic transmission.
  • Dual Electric fans – the fan ruined the shroud, so I installed electric fans
  • I added a new transmission radiator so I could install the SG brush bar.
  • The original transmission had a problem from the factory, the original owner tried to have it fixed.
  • I replaced it with a low mileage transmission in 2004.
  • The power steering pump is leaking; I have not yet addressed it.

My goal is to sell the 90 as close to stock as the new owner wants it. I have been diligently working on my hybrid, so I can wheel the crap out of it. It doesn’t make sense to wheel a low mile NAS 90 anymore.

I don’t have to sell it, but it makes sense.


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What’s the suspension setup in the pictures? 3 link?
Any modifications to the frame?
What would be needed to take it back to stock?


As an aside, it appears you posted the ad the twice on this site.
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