1995 D-90 #204/500


Price: $90k
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I am the second owner of this 1995 NAS D-90 (#204/500). I purchased it from Mark Letorney, owner of Rovers North (VT) in 2000 with 13,000 miles on the odometer. Aside from 2 additional years on the East Coast (garaged), it has been stored inside a garage and driven in southwest Colorado, Washington State and Oregon, where I now reside. I have all receipts since my purchase from Mark at Rovers North. There are 94,000 miles on the truck. All part replacements listed below have <5,000 miles (most have <1000 miles). All major work was done at Green Oval Motors and Ship’s Mechanical (both are LR specialty shops in Portland, OR). Absolutely everything in this truck works perfectly with the exception of the radio which is non-functional.

Special Features
The truck was professionally modified by Rovers North with Rover-stock sliding side-door windows. It also has custom solid hardwood dash panels and front seat divider and traditional inward-facing rear seats and rare rear military lights.

The body capping was replaced with galvanized steel by “The 4x4 Center” in Burlington, VT and galvanized steel door rust protectors were installed on the lower margins on all 3 doors and below the rear window wiper. Doors are painted on the inside (to retard rust). About 5 years ago, the paint was stripped to bare metal (by Bill Pinkstaff’s “Custom Restorations” in Bellingham, Washington). There is no rust, no scratches, dings, scuffs or paint fading. The truck is a very beautiful and traditional LR dark green.

Original V-8 Rover engine, meticulously maintained. The radiator was replaced by Green Oval. The distributor, alternator, fuel pump, fuel filter and monitor were all replaced within the last year (Ship’s Mechanical). Hoses, lines and other routine replacement items have been done according to need and/or manufacturer’s recommendations. The exhaust is an NRP system installed by Rovers North.

Transmission/Transfer Case
The clutch was replaced and has + 4000 miles use.

Tires are BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA and were replaced within the last 4,000 miles. There is an extra set of rim-mounted Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded snow tires, Undercarriage has been coated to prevent rust.

Stock items with heavy-duty shocks

Alloy fuel tank skid
Skid plates cover the gas tank and appropriate sections of the front and rear axles

Excellent condition, recently detailed cloth upholstery on all front and rear seats.
LED gauges; Hardwood front dash panel and passenger/driver compartment divider

High Lift jack (unused)
Tow line (new/unused)
Rovers North galvanized front bumper with Husky winch
Thule roof rack and load carry basket

For more information or additional photographs, contact me directly at kacomess@gmail.com
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I don't remember specifically seeing this truck before, but I may be local enough to take a look at it for anyone who is serious and long distance.


The lights and the rest of the D-90 are almost exactly as I received them from the original owner Mark (proprietor of Rovers North) when I bought it from him in 2000. We are still in contact and I can ask other questions if you'd like.

Here are some notes sent to me from Mark on the truck when I began to wrestle with my conscience (and my family) about selling it starting nearly a year ago:

"To answer your question. Land Rover did supply the 90 to me, however it was bone stock. I changed the doors and lights when it was new.

I preferred the split doors and knew the NAS lamps were water traps prone to failure, so I replaced them with water proof military lamps. Plus these lamps match the military Sanky trailer I towed behind your 90. This is why it had the trailer guards, or rear bumperettes and military trailer plug installed instead of the NAS step. I believe it also had an over under hitch with the pintle on top.

As for the wood trim, I had a friend, a custom cabinet maker and Series IIA owner, build the bulkhead and dash panel. I dropped the 90 off at his farm and when I collected it I was surprised to see he added the wooden cap over the lower dash panel. I didn’t think it was possible, but he was obviously into the project and wanted to do something really special.

It was my forever car, but business came first and I needed to sell it to fuel Rovers. I’m so happy you still have. Doug is an amazing mechanic and a great person to be with. You and your 90 will be well looked after.

About 4 years later I purchased this ex-Royal Marines LHD 90 to replace your 90 which i still drive today. It is not as refined as yours but I’m not giving it up. I guess the 90 is my favorite, I just like everything about it. I’m sure you’re enjoying yours

I had the trailer hitch removed. "Doug" in Mark's letter, is Doug Shipman, owner of "Ship's Mechanical", a specialty Rover shop in Portland, OR. Doug knows this truck very well and I'm sure he can answer questions about it.

Aside from 3 years on the East Coast (washed after every use and garaged), it's been a West Coast truck since 2003. It's been parked in my garage. The underside was rust coated and, if there is any significant rust, I can't find it.

RBB: I'm around if you want to see the D-90. Let me know.

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