1995 90 SW (NAS)


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Air Conditioning

Few tasteful mods-
Exmoor Front seats (leather)
Full LED conversion in/out including Trucklites
Trailhead oil cooler lines
Garrison Outfitters slide window kit done
Alpine stereo/amp with Focal Speakers
JATE rings
SDO SS door hinge hardware
New headliner

Has 170K, only 2 owners, always been in VA or NC
LH fender repainted and/or replaced in 2012, carfax says "left impact" but the paint thickness gauge read different on that fender and the "V8" badge is missing

Most recently it had an exhaust rattle and a manifold leak so it got all new gaskets, two new catalytic converters, and a new Flowmaster (which is honestly pretty quiet).
Selling on behalf of a friend- I have done all the work on this one for the past 6 years or so (when the 2nd owner bought it) including oil changes well before needed and repairs to ANYTHING that wasn't right or up to date. I think some of you are familiar with my tendency to do things right and obsess over details.

Everything is solid. Bulkhead, seat box, especially the frame. To keep it that way, in 2016 (like 3000 miles ago) everything underneath (chassis, floors, tub, etc) was cleaned and then treated to either epoxy chassis paint or high quality undercoat. That meant dropping the tank for access so new fuel pump was done preventative, and went ahead and replaced the brake hoses, suspension ball joint/bushings, sway bar stuff, tie rod ends, etc while I was at it. The bottom line is the truck starts/runs/drives/shifts/stops/turns like brand new. Paint is 25 years but only shows a few of those typical little issues, I have included very detailed photos to illustrate.

Posting on forums first in case someone has been lurking for a nice NAS that can be driven and enjoyed instead of kept in storage. Kind of a warning shot before it gets broadcast all over the place. Looking for $55,000
AND SINCE YOU READ THIS FAR, this link might take you to some pictures. www.tinyurl.com/95NAS494

I'll copy paste the history from the past 6 years/12,000mi here now but if you have any other questions, etc please just let me know. I guess you can message me here but email is awesome too buckhornimports@gmail.com

-new shock absorbers front and rear
-full tune up including distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and plug wires
  • new drive belts, water pump, and cooling system hoses
  • new wiper blades and wiper arm spindles
  • new high performance stainless steel braided engine oil cooler lines
  • BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KO2 tires LT265/75R16
  • installed Garrison Outfitters anti-rattle kit for side sliding windows
  • new upgraded design engine air intake tube
  • new engine mounts
  • ALL fluids changed including differentials, transfer case, transmission, etc
  • new fuel pump and fuel filter
  • new brakes and brake hoses
  • new suspension arm bushings front and rear, also new rear ball joint assembly
  • new sway bar end links and bushings
  • new steering tie rod ends, upgraded greaseable style
  • complete LED lighting conversion inside and out
  • added front JATE recovery points
  • chassis completely cleaned and rustproofed
  • new aftermarket stereo system including Alpine AM/FM/CD/multimedia head unit and amplifier with FOCAL speakers front and rear
  • new engine breather system hoses
  • all new hardware for the roll cage
  • all new upgraded stainless steel hardware for the door hinges
  • headliner reupholstered with correct type vinyl to match original
  • new muffler and exhaust catalytic converters
  • new battery
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Jeff B

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Ugh I did not need to see this one. Email sent.

anyone looking for a ROW 90 with a 200TDI? Haha
I will say this... if you aren't familiar with crown14/joel's work, his attention to detail is nothing short of peculiar.
If he says a truck is good, then it's good.



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Ugh I did not need to see this one. Email sent.

anyone looking for a ROW 90 with a 200TDI? Haha
FLY CUBS, I have a buddy looking for a ROW, but it has to be left hand drive. If your is a southpaw, please PM me info on it. Thanks, CB


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Come on peoples.

It's one of the most original unmolested intact (other than those LEDs) NAS Wagons I've seen. Its makes me regret all the stupid shit I have done to my truck, alot to be said for stock.


Tim, Looking to move away from diesel and to the other side of the truck, are you...
ha. 1) I really like your new avatar pic

2) this NAS truck really checks all the boxes for me - and it is exactly where my truck is headed except for diesel and without the NAS "stuff". I do like the simplicity of my diesel...no computers, great gas mileage and the fact that I get to build it. Every time I'm riding around with Matt Hedrick and he opens the center console and there's a second computer "just incase" I think I'd be crazy to do it.... buuuuut

The price of this one is getting to where I like it, but the ROW 90 would have to go first. 200TDI, new D1 axles (not installed, all parts to overhaul the rear) a bunch of electrical items - VDO gauges, blade fuse kit, new WIPAC lights

We'll see. I've never kicked tires this much before in my life....


Great price for a nice truck!

Couple questions. What happened to the chassis up front? Know why those square holes were cut? And were the catalytic converters removed or are those new cats?

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.22.13 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.22.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.55.27 PM.png