1994 NAS D90 Hot Starting Issue


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I need some help with my Defender. Recently, I noticed that it was getting difficult to start while hot, and the other day it stalled at a stoplight and wouldn't restart. After pushing it to the side of the road and letting it cool (20+/- minutes), it fired up and got me home. I've searched the forums and checked the fuel temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor, coil and fuel pump; but none of these seem to be the problem.

Now I'm hesitant to drive it for fear of getting stranded.

Any other suggestions?


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Finally got around to changing out the ignition module and that appears to have solved the problem. In hindsight, had I know the PITA changing the module was going to be, I would have installed the relocation kit at the same time.

Thanks for everyone's input.


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Grab a spare and throw it under the seat, I hear the quality of Available amplifiers is pretty bad these days..