1993 LHD 200TDI D90 w/ Matching Trailer on BaT


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Hey everyone, if this is definitely the wrong place to post this, I absolutely understand and do not mind having this pulled down.

Unfortunately (but fortunately), with the addition of a new child to the family, I need to look into swapping Defenders to a 110 or 130 (so if you have one for sale, I would love to touch base after the auction is done). The D90 would have been good if I could have figured out how to add a baby safe option that the wife agreed upon, but so far, no such luck.

I have posted this on several other locations, but I'll try and keep this a bit more original so that I don't cross-pollinate with other forums.

I originally bought this from an individual in-state after conducting an in-person inspection knowing that the following had been done to it:
  • Rear cross member replaced along with some welding done to address rust on frame (no more concerns according to GBR inspections)
  • Rebuilt drivetrain with uprated GBR drive shaft installed
  • Disc brakes overhauled
  • New springs
  • Rebuilt front swivels
  • Replace tie rod ends, pitman arm, alignment completed
  • Front radius arm bushings replaced
  • Rear trailing arm bushings replaced
  • Replaced t-case mounts
  • Resealed the oil pan
  • Serviced all wheel bearings
  • Replaced A-Arm ball joint
  • Repaired exhaust
  • Replaced ignition electrical
Under my ownership I did the following:
  • Uprated Turbo Technics VGT
  • Completely rebuilt fuel system with new fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel lift pump, rebuilt FIP (professionally tuned with boost pin and advance timing spacer), and rebuilt injectors
  • New rear brake drums
  • New alternator
  • New starter
  • New water pump
  • Raptor Engineering components
  • VDO Gauges with digital speedo
  • Double din radio with touchscreen and wireless Apple / Android car play
  • Midland CB Radio
  • Plenty of switches to add whatever you want to the vehicle electronically
  • Exmoor Trim mats
  • Mesomat sound dampening
  • Front Runner Steering Guard
  • Bilstein shocks and steering dampner
It runs and drives great, and starts upon the first glow plug. If you have any further questions regarding the vehicle please let me know and I'd be happy to provide photos, videos, information, receipts, and whatnot.

For the trailer, it is a custom built trailer with independent suspension and braking, and comes with a working sink (40-gallon water capacity), Tepui Tent, and 100 Watt Solar Panel).

I hope y'all enjoy reviewing. Please share!



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