1992 110 5 door


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South African build- galvie bulkhead and chassis.
4.6 Rover V8 with serp belt and a distributor, torquey camshaft, Sniper fuel injection.
R380, 1.2 ratio LT230
NRP stainless exhaust, no catalysts.
Rear brakes converted to disc with factory parts
Auxillary fuel tank with it's own transfer pump.
Safety Devices roll cage.
Puma galvie doors, all 5
Mantec swing away.
Puma seats, fronts heated, all 5 have Escape Gear covers
Tuffy center console.
Dual battery with Wrangler split charge
Diesel auxillary heater with seperate fuel tank.
Ministry of Defender a/c
D44 winchbumper for a/c with Warn 9k winch
Auxillary power ports- USB and round in various locations front and rear
black wingtop diamond plate
Terra Firma rock sliders
Hella 4000 LED on roof rack
LED all around.
JW Speaker LED headlight with heaters.
Exmoor sound deadening system- seat box mat not yet installed but included.
Series Defender Outfirtter alloy wing top grillon LH side, some German brand lock box on RH side. Currently houses winch controller remote.
Mud UK center dash and overhead console
I've owned this Rover since 2018 and have driven approximately 20k miles. Over that time, it's had all of these bits and pieces fitted as well as maintenance and repairs: wheel bearings, swivel ball housings, steering box, suspension bushings, Panhard bushings,OME shocks, springs, damper, windshield.

I'm sure there is more...

Asking $75k, located near Hershey, PA


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I should point out that I was hit in the left front by an overly optimistic over the double yellow into oncoming traffic passer. Light contact in the front but he still spun us and the left rear grazed a guardrail end just before we were in a field. Could have been so much worse, and Arlo was really reluctant to go for rides in that car for awhile.
Dude passed a field sobriety test but I saw him dispose of a paper cup into the cornfield before the awesome PA State Trooper arrived.
I have an insurance claim in process but haven't put the car into the body shop yet.