1991 LHD Tithonus 110 FFR - 69000 Miles


I'm selling my 1991 LHD Defender Tithonus FFR.
It has the 2.5 Litre NA diesel, 69,446 Miles, solid frame and mechanicals.
It's in great condition, what little rust it has is entirely surface and I have pictures of it all.
I have a full history of the car, including it's military service. It was put through the Tithonus program in 2008, then sold off due to downsizing. It never saw service after its refurbishment/upgrade, and starts first time. It's not a garage queen, I have it out on the trails whenever I can, but I've looked after it well, and I think it shows.
It has power steering, the upgraded FFR electronics and battery, Traction control, ABS, a diesel powered heater, plenty of spares and rear windows in the gel-top.

I'm located in Daniel, Utah, and I'm asking for $22,500, but I'm open to offers.

Please get in touch with any questions!


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