1986 LHD Defender 110 Tithonus 2.5 NA Diesel


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Selling my 1986 Land Rover Defender 110 Tithonus FFR.

This truck is LHD, been in my possession since this summer and before that she was used as a weekend toy by the previous owner. Release from the MOD about 7 years ago.

Solid frame , excellent mechanicals, very good tyres, very low mileage

LHD's ex military trucks are getting increasingly difficult to find.

Asking price $20,000

Details :

1986 Defender 110 HARDTOP / SOFTTOP and Left Hand Drive
2.5NA engine refurbished by the MOD in ~2008
043800 kilometers
Composite / Fibreglass hard top with full rear door
Extra supplied Soft PVC top
Safety Devices multipoint roll cage
Moulded rubber matting
Exmoor front seats with waterproof black covers
WOLF military rims

The truck is currently in the Netherlands and price includes free ocean freight to the USA, Newark, Davisville, Baltimore.
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus right front.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus right side.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus right rear.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus dash and trim.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus door.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus exmoor matting.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus front seats.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus loadfloor.jpg
1986 LR LHD Defender Tithonus speedo.jpg


Callsign: KF5AAM
Dang it another good opportunity at a bad time. Every time a good 110 comes around I am not in a position to make a move (In the middle of buying a house right now)


How is the rust???

Floors doors rear cross member , out riggers etc...

BONDO???????? flaking paint... bring it off line if you want..


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Ex Military truck.

Will have some bondo in the front wings to make then straight again when these were rebuild by the M.O.D. in 2008 during the LEAPP programm.

Floors are excellent
Outriggers are perfect
Rear crossmember is very good
Pass door is perfect, drivers door has rust in the bottom but the sale includes a brand new drivers door, unpainted.