1984 D90 300TDI RHD, $41K


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Time to let her go, for sale is my "1984" "D90". Quotations because there is little if anything left of the original vehicle since the rebuild. Closer spec would be a 95 300TDI except with everything replaced in the last several years

I purchased this defender in 2010 from the owner in Northern Ireland, imported it myself and drove it for a few years when I had transmission issues. I began weighing options and decided to have the truck re-built with a 300TDI engine and new chassis with fresh paint. I got to work replacing all the wiring and began adding components to make this a dependable Land Rover. Truck has always had all maintenance addressed and tracks well and low and high speeds, with the replacement clutch, throw-out bearing, Turner performance head and new exhaust, it should require little but routine maintenance for the next several years.

It's my baby but I have too many projects and I have certainly made my share of memories in this vehicle, the reg plates are correct and all other documentation is in my name.

Service under my Stewardship:
300tdi Galvanized Richard Chassis [$10300] (2012)
300TDI Engine/R380 [$5500] (2012)
Full Respray Arles Blue [$10000] (2012)
NAS Rear Step Bumper, 2” Reciever [$1200] 2014
Complete rewire [autosparks.uk loom, $3200] 2014
TD5 Dash Upgrade [$1500] 2017
Heavy Duty Glow Plug relay [$300] 2017
New glow plugs/harness [$400] 2017
AGM Battery [$200] 2017
OME +2 Shocks [$2500] 2019
OME Steering Dampener [$600] 2019
Terrafirma Track/Panhard Rod [$400] 2019
+2 Rear Trailing arms [$200] 2019
80% of all bushings replaced with Polybush Pro series [$1800] 2019
5x BFG KO2 Tires [$1500] 2019
5x Boost Rims [$1200] 2019
1in Alloy wheel spacers [$800] 2019
Replaced Wheel bearings [$1200] 2019
Masai Side Steps [$500] 2015
Masai Rear Tire Carrier [$300] 2015
Masai Headliner [$1000] 2018, not installed
Masai tinted front/rear/side windows [$1800] 2016
Gearmate Drawer system [$4000] 2020
Nakatanenga Cargo Bear Roof Rack [$4200] 2019
Nakatanenga Cubby Heater platform/new cubby [$1200] 2021
Nakatanenga Stainless Front Recovery Shackles [$400] 2019
TD5 Premium Steering Wheel [$1200] 2017
Webasto Airtop 2000STC Diesel Heater w/smart controller [$1400] 2021
New Stainless Double S exhaust [$900] 2019
Safety Devices Rear Step Ladder [$400] 2019
New Fuel Tank [$400] 2021
New Fleetguard Filter system [$250] 2020
Converted fuel lines to AN style, re-plumbed [$500] 2020
Turner Engineering High Performance Cylinder head incl head gasket [$2400] 2018
Timing Belt/tensioner [$1800] 2018
Silicon Hose kit [$900] 2018
New Front/Rear Prop shafts, wide angle [$1200] 2022
Slickshift Short shift Kit (greatly reduces throw when changing gear) [$400] 2018
New Clutch, New Slave cylinder, New Throw-out bearing assembly (heavy duty) [$1800] 2018
TDCI Clutch Pedal [$400]
TD5 Heater box [$800] 2017
New oil pan [$600] 2018
New Ignition w/3 lock cylinders [$400] 2022
Rigid Heated LED headlamps [$500] 2019
Rigid Chase light [$300] 2019
Rigid Interior Lights (red/white) [$400] 2021
Wipac LED indicator lights [$300] 2015
Pelican Cargo Case BX140R [$500] 2021
New Side Mirrors [$300] 2022

Not installed but available:
300TDI AC compressor/coolant lines [$1000], not installed
TD5 Underdash AC Unit [$2500], not installed
Masai Headliner [$1000] 2018, not installed
Galvanized crossmember for R380 [$500], not installed
Replacement loadspace bottom and support cross members [$1800], not installed
Replacement Seat box parts to convert to proper R380 tunnel, complete [$3200], not installed
Replacement sea box support members ect [$1000], not installed
Various replacement gaskets and seals that I have accumulated over the past several years of ownership
Full set of new Lug Nuts [$500]
Spare Water pump [$200]

Needs to be addressed:
Front cover oil leak (relatively new, seems to be behind timing cover, drips but no appreciable loss of oil)
Brakes/Parking Brake (just have not had time to replace)
Change remaining 2 lock cylinders to new key (have not had time)

Should be address:
Remaining Polybush bushings
Tie-rod Ends
Wheel’s balanced
Drivers window mechanism (would recommend converting both to Power Windows, kits relatively inexpensive)
Some small paint issues that should be repairable without a major overhaul

Sadly, I just do not have the time to give this vehicle any longer as I have purchased a boat and really need to focus my energy on that, the D90 has been great and reliable transportation for the past 10 years and I am sure it will provide the new owner with many more.

Asking $41000 with all spares included


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More shots


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Photos of the paint areas of concern


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Yep, this is a good one. I’ve worked on this truck and it’s been worked on in my driveway, NPT is being accurate when he says it’s all been replaced. The work was a lot more than the asking price for sure.


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Yep, this is a good one. I’ve worked on this truck and it’s been worked on in my driveway, NPT is being accurate when he says it’s all been replaced. The work was a lot more than the asking price for sure.
Cheers Jim, sadly it’s time for a full size pickup and my 130 dreams are just too far away! How’s the stable?


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Full set of VDO Vision gauges, water temp, fuel, oil pressure, tach(I think) pyrometer, boost [$300]
MUD Stuff rear speaker pods [$100]
R380 External cooler kit Sychro Gearboxes [$300]
R380 extended sump [$200]
New set of Power Steering hoses and brackets [$300]
All new foam gaskets for the side panels [$200]

Probably more stuff, had a ton of plans to install this stuff but with the boat I just don't have time


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Have some intrest in less desirable places, no true (Arles) blue forum crawlers want a bite?


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Starting 12/1 I will begin selling off the bolt on bits:
Nakatenga roof rack
Safety devices ladder
Gearmate drawer system

plus everything on the not installed “included” list above:
R380 seat box/tunnel parts
Td5 AC under dash kit
300TDI AC parts
New load space flooring
Ect. Ect. Ect

last chance to snatch up a full truck with tons of hardware


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I can’t believe no one snatched it up yet.
A real beauty.
But also, most don’t have an extra 40k laying around.

It will do well on BAT, good luck!