1973 Land Rover Series 3 88 Station Wagon


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1973 Land Rover Series 3 88 Station Wagon - $12,500.
NADA with Heritage Certificate, January 1973 build.
Arizona and New Mexico for its' entire life. The Belville winch is the same vintage as the Landy and had a Phoenix 4x4 shop sticker on it.
The underside protection looks to be the same age. There is a short wave radio included that also matches the age.
I believe it was last running in the 1990's from the tire date codes and the license plate.
I bought this 3 years ago from the deceased owners' brother. The previous owner had worked for the Arizona prison system and had the car painted by inmates in what appears to be Ford Oxford White with black zebra stripes. It was originally Limestone. The paint was done poorly with no apparent preperaton and is flaking everywhere.
The engine was supposedly rebuilt, but if so it was to the same level as the paint job, since it was locked up.
I sourced an engine from a Defender that was being upgraded with Roberts' 6 cylinder Chevy kit, and did much more work (see below).
I found found a 1965 109 Pickup truck that is totally original and has spent its' entire life in Tucson Arizona. I'm not able to deal with two Land Rovers and would prefer the pickup, so the 88 needs to go.

The good:
Starts up and runs. Shifts properly and transfer case works.
NO RUST (except a little surface rust - see pictures), solid original frame
Fairey overdrive
Bellville 8,000 pound winch with new motor and bearings
Safari roof w/vents
3/16" steel plate under both differentials, transmission, and transfer case
Oil sump from original engine with 3/16" plate welded to the bottom
Roll bar (looks like from a truck)
Comes with new Autospark main wiring harness
No apparent collision damage
5 main 2.25 petrol engine from an 1981 Defender with 81,000 miles
Pierce intake manifold with Weber 2 barrel carb and headers (from original engine)
Original manifold and carb from Defender includedOriginal mechanical fuel pump assembly from original engine included (using electric from the Defender)

Work done:
Canvas door panels (side and rear doors)
Hardura Tunnel and Interior Kit
Brake hoses
Brake master cylinder
Wheel cylinders
Clutch master cylinder
Clutch slave cylinder
Oil pressure switch
Air filter
All fluids & grease
New tires (Atturo Trail Blade A/T)
Swivel ball seals
New front bearings
Front locking hubs re-built
New shift nobs and pedal covers

The bad:
The wiring is in very poor shape and the new wiring harness should be installed. The headlights and brake lights work, the windshield wiper works occasionally, and the horn and temperature gage wiring is shot.
The carb needs fiddling, probably re-jetting. It starts right up, but runs rich.
The lower dash has a large crack about midway.
Seat belts are trash.
Heater hoses bit connected and no heater valve.



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