130 Rear Swing-Out Wheel Carrier


Are there any options out there for a robust 130 rear swing-away tire carrier?

I found this one from Frontrunner but can't find detail photos of it installed anywhere (besides these).

This one from Tembo looks nice but is $2,500....

As you know, the bed of a 130 sticks out several inches from the rear crossmember, so I'd imagine there needs to be a large bracket spanning the gap, from the crossmember to the lower hinge.

Anyone know what other options exist?


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the front runner one will rattle like a a mofo because it similar to the britpart 110 soft top one and relies on the "anti luce" to keep the tire in place. i would just contact a local fab shop and have them make you one with an actual load bearing hinge and a latch,. you can get builder kits online cheap. what ill be doing


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This one from Tembo looks nice but is $2,500....
That looks like the right way to do it. That could possibly be my new favorite 130 ever.