127 / 130 Parts


I need to confirm a few things before I go much further with this new "beast of burden" - i.e. 1985-127.

1. My assumption is that everything (99%) from the front bumper to the back of the crew cab is identical to a 110 - yes?
2. Everything from the back of the crew cab to rear crossmember for a HCPU bed body & chassis parts are the same as the 110 - Yes? This would exclude brake lines, fuel lines, exhaust etc that are longer due to the chassis. BUT all the body attachments and brackets that attach the HCPU to the chassis are the same from the 110 and the 130?

I suppose the simpler question is - the HCPU is the same size and sits on the frame the same way and position for a 110 as it does for the 127/130? Thereby making all the brackets, body mountings and panel extensions the same?

And finally - there are no 127/130 exclusive parts manuals or addendums?

Thanks for confirming this and as I "check my assumptions".

Cheers -


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Ha, get ready for more minor differences than you can catalog. A partial list:
- the t-posts are different between 110 SW and 130 crew cab
- the roof is different but the same as a 110 CC
- the rear bulkhead under the rear window is hi-cap specific but differs in detail from the 110 hi-cap part, it also mounts to the chassis very differently
- the 130 and 110 hi-cap beds are different lengths (110 is longer)
- the “brackets, body mountings, and panel extensions” are wildly different

With the exception of the bed, many parts could be re-worked into the correct configuration with fabrication, but hassles abound. The best thing is to get into the parts catalog on LR workshop and see how what you want fits together.


To add to the complexity/confusion, the bed mount brackets and rear body crossmember also changed over time from the early "Land Rover 127" to the later "Defender 130."


Of course -

The compounding factor is that the HCPU I have was just tossed on the back once the power company was done with it - maybe with the right bracket or just whatever held it in place.... Then the parts manual and LR Workshop diagrams have brackets and stuff just floating around on the page...."great where does that go - oh never mind its NLA...."🤬 So I don't have much to even referance with in some areas.

I am assuming there is no 127 / 130 specific stand alone addendum type parts manual for these? They simple made notes with in the 110 manuals to identify (maybe) the 127 / 130 part numbers?

Thanks for your help on this - I thought I was loosing it when it was really just Solihull all along...