06 LR3 V6 - intermittent No start


I have a recurring but intermittent no-start issue on my ‘06 LR3 V6 gasoline.
Thought I would have fixed it by replacing starter two years ago. Ended up much harder than expected of course.... Issue was still there, I suspected the key and proved this was not it. Issue went away, happen in dead cold January and did not happen for the past four months until this morning. In both cases (Jan and this AM and the previous time I remember), issue happened after a drive (stop for gas or pick up food).

- when you turn the key in the ignition, you hear a click in the passenger foot well (I assume it’s a relay)
- nothing else happens
- after a few stop-start cycle with the key, it usually engages the starter.

This morning, I had two keys with me, so I can confirm this is not a key-related problem.

Of course, this seems to happen when I’m wearing nice clothes and without tools. So, I don’t have much to add at this time.

How would you troubleshoot this?


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Can you think of any commonalities in the times that this happened? It sounds like temperature isn't a factor. I hope its not something like an intermittently bad ground (starter?)


That’s the tricky thing..... I think the only commonality I could come up with is that “drive prior to attempt restart”. Nothing else. And since, if it does not seem to get worst over time and it miraculously starts working without me messing with anything.....
Humidity does not seem a factor (was not raining either times). Time of day was not a factor (once at night, other times during the day). Truck is roughly flat every time.
I just pulled an electrical circuit and hope the problem occurs again so that I can take measurements along it.


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There are no guarantees that the new starter is good, but I would test the ground circuit from the battery negative to the engine block with a voltage drop test. It should be less than .5V when cranking