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    WTB Series '88 Soft Top Sand Canvas.

    Anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? U.K. is quite backordered.
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    Land Rovers That Suck

    Side question Jamz. Do you like having a sunroof? Is it in fact cooler in the cab or do you bake in the sun?
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    300 tdi production numbers

    Thanks. Interested to compare this with post-2000 production numbers.
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    300 tdi production numbers

    Has anyone marked out the production curve on 300tdi LHD and ROW vehicles from 1994 to 2007? i.e. what do U.S. eligible imports look like in 5, 10, 15 years for 110 Station Wagons. How many LHD 300 TDI's were made post-1999 when the TD5 came online? I know a South African fellow that managed to...
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    1995 LHD Defender 130 300 Tdi in Conisten Green

    Mike, just checked your website. You have some great stock right now. GLWS.
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    Early 2.25 gas 90

    Thanks for all the input here.
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    Early 2.25 gas 90

    I've come across a nice Swiss Military 90 sitting in a field in Malawi. Looks to be an '84 or '85 and has the 2.25 gas motor with a 5-speed gearbox. Are these exactly the same as the late Series 3 engine? General opinions on the robustness of these late 2.25s appreciated. thanks.
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    110 in good condition

    I've always envied that green county 1of40. Really great.
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    Drago the D110 - 1991 200tdi Hardtop

    I'd also like to know. I've been told it's sort of hopeless.
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    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    Organizing the desktop today. Three more from a couple of years ago:
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    Alpine roof from factory on 3-door Hardtop?

    It is. Used as an example. Just curious if anyone has seen this config on a factory spec sheet.
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    Alpine roof from factory on 3-door Hardtop?

    Wondering if any 110 (3 door) hardtops came with an Alpine roof from the factory. Anyone know? E.g.
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    Bring a Trailer Defender Auction Criticism

    I couldn't help it.
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    So who has sold their NAS to buy/build a ROW Truck?

    Yikes. Less than 12?