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    Great long-form essays

    This is in no way "long form" pros or sophisticated literature, but a fun little read about an original 110. Is there another thread this might be better for? "Over 30 Years And 20 Adventures In Africa, This Explorer Has Trusted His Land Rover Defender 110 To Get It Done"...
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    Warn 8274 - new motor, hd bearings and synthetic rope

    Bump - Still for sale.
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    WTB: unobtanium spare wheel cover

    You were right, and they’ll do a one off. Thanks!
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    WTB: unobtanium spare wheel cover

    Holiday weekend loooong shot, but does anyone have or has anyone ever seen this wheel cover?
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    Seeking stainless tie down loops

    I have been looking at similar options. I googled L Track tie downs and there seem to be a lot of variety for what you may be looking for. Specifically airline cargo, etc...
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    Winch wiring?

    Wiring up a "cheep" amazon winch for the time being. Have a question about the routing as some of it was tight. Especially around air filter / radiator and the steering linkage. This was a test fit, I have heat sleeves and hose clamps, similar to @chrissnell from page 1 of the thread. The leads...
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    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Small in comparison to most, but a first for me. Made a plate to mount a Tuffy center console instead of using wood runners. Works perfectly. Just need to reinstall some rubber grommets I found to reduce some vibration from the metal on metal.
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    RURR Boston to the Motherland (LI, NY)

    I’m in Hartford area and headed to Old Brookville LI next week for work. If you can get them to Hartford I would happily take them from there if that works.
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    Warn 8274 - new motor, hd bearings and synthetic rope

    Bump - Anyone willing to trade for another kind of winch? I need something with the "Warn pattern"
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    Prince Philip: Bespoke Land Rover hearse

    This popped up on my news feed. Thought it might be worthy of a share. "The duke's decades-long love affair with Land Rover was so strong that two additional Land Rovers were made for "belt and braces" in case a backup was needed."...
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    CB Radio

    Does GMRS act in the same way as original CB? From what I can tell, there is still the emergency channels, NOAA weather, trucking, etc.... FRS seems to be in between CB and GMRS? No license for FRS. Obviously a little online research would probably answer all this, but I figured this is a...
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    CB Radio

    Hi - Anyone looking to unload an old CB that is lying around collecting dust? Hand held preferred, but would take a reasonable hard mounted. I know must of you prefer HAM and are licensed, but I'm really looking for basic just to add for fun / curiosity in my 110. Thank you!
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    cubby box?

    I am about to take mine out and replace with a different kind. It's in halfway decent shape, I think just needs some TLC. Your if you want it. Let me know and I'll send pictures when I get home.
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    Dash Mount for phone/tablet

    Yes, it came with it. Assume why it was a bit pricey. The hardware is also very solid
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    Dash Mount for phone/tablet

    Got mine today and installed it. Looks great and well built. I have to be honest, it took me a minute to figure out the bottom “locking tabs” 🤦‍♂️ I could’ve used it this weekend. Too much looking at my phone trying to drive home on side roads avoiding the highway.