Tires ... again ... Load D not E?


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I'm a bad Defender caretaker ...

I just noticed that the NAS 90 tires are all from the first quarter of 2006.

This is the boss's car that's barely driven (it only has two pedals, how much fun can it be anyway).

I'm looking for 265/75 AT's of some variety and only find Load Range E's ...O.E. was "D" so I presume a bit better ride.

I suppose I need to pop the "E"s from the 110 on it and see how much difference it makes, but sheesh, what happened to the "D"s anyway ;)


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This may cause pearl clutching among the XZL bros, but P or XL tires are superior to LT tires (C, D, E load range) in every way except for durability and maximum payload. P tires will be more fuel efficient, better handling, better braking, more compliant to terrain, build less heat, and cost less. A 90 is a relatively light vehicle so LT tires are only relevant for their durability off-road. If not going off-road, there are plenty of P rated AT tires that will perform great. LT range C tires are also available in that size if you want a lighter LT tire.

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In a nutshell, it is the stiffness of the sidewall, with D rating being 8 ply and E rating being 10 ply. E will have more stiffness and higher payload rating. But D will air down better and conform around obstacles better. If you are towing, then typically E. If you are off roading and/or prefer softer ride , the D rating. E rating should have better side wall strength, but sometimes conforming to an object is more advantageous to resisting an object---so that depends a little.

No right/wrong answer---just define your use...


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Doesn’t sound like you are doing many miles every year.
Do you really need AT type tires or will plain jane highway all season be a better choice?

Yes there is shame involved in highway type tires. But your Boss can handle it.

My last tires survived 13 years before a catastrophic blow out at low speed…when under inflated…


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I have not seen load range D 265 75R16 in ages.

IMHO you won’t notice much difference, and adjusting the tire pressure helps a lot with E load range.

I prefer E as they tend to last longer. YMMV.


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Thanks kids.

Jeepers, I wasn't even aware of the SL/XL load ratings on P tires!?

Thanks ERover :) ... no pearls were harmed in this thread.

Yes, she can manage the shame of the P tires :)

Truthfully, All-Seasons probably make more sense than anything else.

I'll keep the E tires on the 110 ... yes there are a set of almost unused XZL's covered up on the shelf...they may end up on the 109 when it's back together.

It might actually come home from Pendy's place later this fall ... there's a name you haven't seen for a while :)

Thanks ... I'll share the final D90 result soon



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I miss the D load tires, I held onto my D range KMs for entirely too long, I honestly cant tell much of a comfort difference between the D range KM and E range KM3. The D range tires did well at 12-15psi, I think I went as low as 10 with the KM3 E range tires and was underwhelmed. The Maxxis Big Horn was available in a 255 load range D.