So anyone actually 'Overlanding' in an NAS D90?

Used to do it in my 72 S3 88 then added a trailer and now have my 110 and trailer. So yes but I was always breaking stuff as my truck was overloaded hence the trailer. I had a RRT on my 88 and full load of stuff, fridge etc. I use the 110 with and without the trailer now. 🤷‍♂️

Carawagon built an 88 version with a trimmed center bulkhead where the seats arrange into a bed. It didn't have a pop top, tho. I'd guess so to leave room for a roof rack.
Cargo racks that mount to the receiver are pretty common. A couple hundred pounds of "tongue weight" is well within a 90's spec. Gets you away from roof rack a/o trailer, but affects departure angle depending on size/design.


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Well crap. I weld down the rabbit hole with this guy (Fish13, post 20 in thread ). Looks like a lot of folks do seeing how man subscribers he has. Definitely a (paid) gear hound, but at times a minimalist as well. Good production quality. Korea i’m guessing?
Strikes me as possibly a bit top heavy, but guess it qualifies as a D90 Overland rig..



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