RRC = no start

Dont want to derail Alex's no start thread....

1991 RR Classic Hunter

Owned since 2004

All of a sudden, I've got a no start condition.
And I mean no start.
Confirmed I've got plenty of fuel supply all the way to the rail.

Thought maybe it was a bad coil, so I changed it with another and... no change.

BUT, one time out of 50 tries, it will fire up and run normally!
(It did this with both coils.)

Then, its right back to a no start condition again.

This is such a classic (!) V8 scenario. Amp, Dizzy cap, Rotor. Last time it happened to me, I replaced the dizzy cap with another I had and bingo started right up.
If the cap/rotor are of age I'd start there. That would at least rule them out. Be cautious of which replacement parts you buy as the quality varies widely. "Lucas" branded parts have been the absolute worst lately.

If its not the cap/rotor I'd move on to the ignition module.

I feel like a bad parent.

I've been spending all my Rover-time on my other project so this Hunter has been neglected.

It cranks great. Plenty of *starter* but no fire.
One time out of 50 it fires up and runs!
I did swap out the cap/rotor with my back up and there was no change.

I will start looking at the ignition module...

Question: I have a new module but it is a 3-wire and my existing one is a 2-wire??

Ok 14 CUX peeps, I guess this will apply to RRC and Defenders with Distributors.
The new amplifier modules have 3 wire output and the old one only had two.

So, I guess you know what my question is.... :D