Raised air intake instructions


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I installed this over the weekend. I had to remove the door, which was actually pretty easy compared to my 97 Defender. I will say that this raised air intake is the cheapest feeling piece of gear that I have ever fitted to a land rover. It does not feel like a quality piece at all. The cap would flap in the wind and most likely be lost driving down the highway, but adding a little 3M moulding trim tape in the right spots made it solid enough. After it was all mounted it seems durable enough, but it's not what you'd expect from a land rover OEM part.


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A part right out of the box that had to be modified before fitting right? That's exactly what I would expect from an OEM part. Welder, sawzall, grinder, all part of the land rover fitter's tool box.

One of the funniest quotes I've seen:

There are 2 manmade things that can be seen from space; The Great China Wall and the gap on a Land Rover Defender door.