Period "Looking" Tires Question


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This is an interesting turn… maybe I should be a little more focused on gas mileage since I have a V8. I have to admit, these KM3 look sexy with all that sidewall…

Leaning towards the Falken A/T3.


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Going back to the discussion of gas mileage above, I have to wonder if the BFG-AT's with their tightly-grouped tread pattern might get twice the fuel efficiency over paved roads vs. the more open Avon Rangemasters.


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Anyone carry the Rangemaster in the US? When they are in stock that is. I think my spare is the original. Ill have to peel off the cracking cover and check.

I do like the M-55s… but they are pricey. When I’m walking in Capitol Hill (which is a lot), I’ve taken to checking out every tire that catches my eye… pretty sure I look like a weirdo.


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I had smaller ones on a discovery. Running them on highway was super loud. If you have a farm truck they would be great.