One-owner '95 Defender 90 NAS, California car


Hi, I'm sharing a listing for a car I'm helping an estate sell: a one-owner, rust free 1995 Defender 90 NAS (#167/500 for that year).

The former owner was a diligent enthusiast, and appeared to take very good care of his baby. I'm helping take care of selling the D90 in order to help the estate out. I would love to have acquired the truck myself, but currently own two Land Rovers and three other vehicles, so my stable is full.

The Defender is available on Bring a Trailer, and the auction ends tomorrow, Tuesday December 6 at 3:37 pm Pacific.

Check it out here:





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Seems like prices have really dropped. This is the second NAS 90 I've seen on BaT go for much less than expected.
First half prices of everything went crazy until July 22. It’s a typical “irrational exuberance “ this country goes through before a brief economic retrenchment.
I think NAS values are coming down because a buyer can now bring in a ROW Defender in the same age range for a lot less money. The bad “import issues” press seems to have died down too, so the perceived risk of buying a ROW Defender is most likely not as prevalent.

Rocky’s comment is definitely on the mark too. A perfect storm to burst a bubble. Kind of unrealistic to think prices would not come down eventually.


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Let see what the market looks like next month at the Barrett Jackson auction. I fear the classic and collector market is in for a huge price adjustment.
Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

BTW, who is coming out for it? I'm game for a meet up if I'm not working.

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Remember the ftx collapse is being credited with the drop in exotic car values. It's going to trickle to all markets possibly.

Carvana is going to crash the used car market once things get liquidated.