LHD 110 V8 Automatic with AC / NAS Cage


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If anyone is looking, or knows anyone looking, for a LHD 110 with V8 / automatic I have a listing on the other forum. I wasn't sure about "cross pollinating" between here and there so I am going to leave this sparse for now. If there is any interest please let me know and I will provide all of the good, bad and ugly. I have a fairly detailed write up over there. Thanks!


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Nice looking. Just don’t copy and paste the exact same thing. Post some details and a price, though.

Thanks! I tried to re-word the below so it's not identical.

I'm happy to give anyone a full detailed story as to how I came to own this truck and why I'm selling, but it's mostly because of my wife and kids LOL. I am in now way exiting the Rover world but am moving on from this particular vehicle.

Here is the good and the bad
This truck started its life out as a '94 NAS 90. It still carries the original VIN and is registered with clean CT registration in my name / address. CT doesn't "title" cars over 25 years, they only issue registration certificate. Original title was "salvage / rebuilt" from an engine fire. Either way, it was rebuilt to a 110. I'm fairly confident the bulkhead, windscreen and dash are all original to the '94 NAS as some of the AA Yellow can be seen in the driver side foot well when I lifted some adhesive from the old matting system. The previous owner was in NY. I have the previous title / registration. There were no issues when registering the truck in NY which is more stringent than CT.

Price: $60,000 open to discussing all offers.

The good:
No real rust to speak of (see below for the few spots, mainly doors)
Frame is very solid with no issues (I had it inspected twice before I bought it)
GEMS V8, automatic, AC, NAS style cage with internal B hoop, seat heaters, rock sliders, Hannibal roof rack, snorkel, snow cowl, Blue tooth system, Loki shifter, Smitty built winch (no controller at the moment), rear work light, mantec swing away.

I have done the following:
New starter from British Starters
New high torque ignition
New Old Man Emu HD suspension on wolf's
New pan hard rod / radius arm bushings
New tensioner
New serp belt
New vac hose
Genuine LR fuel filter repair line
One new rear passenger side seat belt (see below for second passenger belt)
Mantec tire carrier
New fluids - transmission, transfer case, diffs
Oil change

The bad, not so good and what I would do over the winter:
Needs an alignment
RH passenger seat belt needs to be replaced
Wiring could use some tidying up done by a professional. ie... blue tooth, auxiliary items, etc...
Engine bay could use tidying.
Interior seat belt bracketry bits have some surface rust / light surface corrosion that should be cleaned up.
Frame needs to be cleaned and coated with Waxoyl or the like.
There was an odd matting system that I took out, there are two spots under the passenger seats that still need to be cleaned that I couldn't get to.
Rear door bottom shows signs of corrosion spotting.
Passenger front door bottom has signs of rust.

Again please feel free to reach out with questions comments or concerns. I am motivated so if you are serious please let me know.


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additional pics.


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Love the truck, saw it on DS and sent it to a friend who had some interest, but I think he's only got a toe in for interest.

Best of luck on the sale!