LED reverse and rear fog from Bearmach


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Oops. Just realized that the wheel carrier and fog light want to occupy the same space. Problem solved with a better larger bracket.
It ain't over yet!


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The top plate is custom but might include parts of the original. It's definitely far stronger than the original. I'm in N'awlins currently so don't know the details. Brian at BDR figures out what looks like a great improvement.


So I used these LED pads which I had several of from fleaby. I put them into my interior dome lights in my 110 CSW and they are super bright. I put two together and plugged them into the light socket of my back up lights on the rear. They work rather well and have been in place for a couple years now. A benefit of the light guard is tat it keeps the crappy OEM light housing from deforming and the old bulb no longer heats up the plastic. 👍 uber cheap solution to dim back up lights
curious as to where you got the rectangle light grilles.