Interesting NAS(?) Diesel conversion on eBay..


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Who makes a good distributor for 14cux that isn’t some goofy GM part?
You mean something like the GM HEI.. (i.e DUI which I have found great over the past few years "IF" you reuse the OEM drive gear and oil drive tab, and make your own wires..)
any Buick 215 HEI will work IF you do the above as well and give you off the shelf parts from any auto store for replacement.

Other than that the Holly/MSD for the Buick 215 and you are doing all that plus wiring an ignition box and stuff... that works too... but, well.. more work and same result more of less.



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The only thing that has left me stranded in my D90 has been failures with the HEI distributor. First time was the ignition module on the LIE during rush hour. Fortunately that was an easy fix and got the part from autozone. Second time was a bad pickup coil which meant pulling the distributor to replace. When doing that I found all of the wiring attached the the distributor falling apart.

They work great out of the box for a few years, but the quality just isn’t there in my opinion. I know of others that have had issues with them as well.

I also just hate opening the hood and looking at that monstrosity.