Hyperfest 2019

Uncle Douglas

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The publication Grassroots Motorsports has been doing an annual weekend for all forms of Motorsports for 18 yrs now.
The venue is the gorgeous Virginia International Raceway (VIR) along the Dan River on the Va/NC border. The event is this weekend.
There is something for everyone @ this event. Jonesy, Trey, and I are working as volunteer's for Terrain Mortorsports the company handling the
off road portion of the event. There are miles of self drive trails, an obstacle course, rock garden etc. There is even an opportunity for the un initiated to pay for rides in built up rigs around the course if you'd like to see what modifications can enable these trucks to do. Sounds hokey,
but two of my fondest memories to date are fast lap pay rides, and the conversations afterwards, I have taken around race tracks with Formula 1 racing greats Brian Redman and David Hobbs in race cars @ Summit Point and Moroso. Weather is shaping up to be gorgeous this weekend. Camping on site with shower houses, and live musc acts playing in the infield throughout the weekend.
Y'all come check it out.
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Jeff B

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I wanted to come see this gig, but unfortunately the misses has plans for me elsewhere...