Grease gun that doesn’t leak?


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Anyone have a recommendation for a grease gun that doesn’t leak?
Is there such a thing?
Seems like every one that I’ve had does.


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Funny enough those were the 2 I was looking at. A buddy has a Lincoln he got in 2014 that has never leaked - wonder if they are still as good. Or the lock n lube were what I was eyeing. Might need both For a test. I have two Types of grease (snowmobile and vehicle) I’d like ones for. Last auto one gave up the ghost a while back.


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I got an air grease gun from HD several years ago, put a locking tip on it and have been good to go. It can be a little temperamental priming it, but then it's OK. It does suffer from red grease liquefying and dripping on the bench, but don't they all do that?


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For those with the locknlube tip, did you get the extended or regular version (or which would you get to do it again?)?

chris snell

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I've never had one not leak when it gets hot. If that gun exists, I'd like one. I have a Milwaukee M18 grease gun which is total overkill.


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I have the Milwaukee M12 not leaked yet, but with 5 Landys, tractor with loader and a backhoe I can get throu a tube of grease in one go.


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Looks like this is the popular choice so I got one. Now, what's the preferred general grease everyone is using?