FS: Set of 4 - Lift Handle Doors (86-88 style)


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I bought these from another member and did not have the time to invest in them prior to the sale of my 110. They were not quite bolt-on ready (imo), as the window tracks and seals need replacement, and winders could use some maintenance. Frames are solid, with no heavy rust, no holes, no damage. The skins were painted and can use a little TLC. Some small dings and dents, but definitely in good shape overall. Latch mechanisms all work, but may need some tweaks. These are my favorite type of doors, but need to let them go to move on with my current project. Door cards included.

I have $2200 in them, asking $2000 obo.
Southeast PA, 18969

*brown stuff on inside is adhesive
*will get exterior pics asap.




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Those front door latches are getting really hard to come by. GLWTS!
The sp4x4 door cards were pretty good replacements as well if needed. I was able to fit some 3” Jensen waterproof speakers in the front bottom corner that didn’t interfere with the glass and it was pretty sturdy. I like the LaSalle door cards with built in speaker mount but couldn’t find them anywhere any longer.


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I have them, and willing to split. Others have asked, and I've not done a good job getting pics as requested. I'll do my best to get pics this weekend


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Oh man. Too bad I only need the front ones.

I can’t believe these are still here.

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