Exmoor Series Sand Canvas Top


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Bought this top used earlier this summer and I've been waiting on a hoop set to arrive. Hoop set finally came in and all is now installed. My understanding is that the top is less than 2 years old. It's in great shape, no tears, rip or wear. It is sun faded because the previous owner let it sit outside and has some mold spots on the inside (think it would clean up with cleaner, haven't tried because it doesn't smell moldy). The real issue is it has shrunk across the front and the rear flap. I don't have time to deal with it, so I am ordering a new one. If you have the time and patience to stretch it out (there are threads on Guns n Rovers about how to do it), then this is a good deal. $225, buyer pays shipping. I'll go $200 for local pickup making life easier for me.

This is the shrinkage, it's really just the front corners, everything else fits fine except the rear flap which is about 1/2"-1" above the capping.